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Building Management System: Field Devices

Field Devices

Damper Actuators

Damper actuators play a crucial role in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, serving as the essential link between control systems and mechanical components. Our line of damper actuators is designed to provide precise and reliable control, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency in HVAC applications.

Our HVAC damper actuators are easy to install and operate, offering seamless integration with existing control systems. They enable precise adjustment of dampers to regulate airflow and temperature, allowing for customized comfort settings and improved indoor air quality.

In addition to standard HVAC applications, we also offer fire and smoke damper actuators designed for critical safety functions. These actuators are engineered to provide fast-acting damper closure in just 15 seconds, ensuring rapid response to fire and smoke events. With consistently proper torque levels, our fire and smoke damper actuators help to maintain the integrity of fire protection systems and ensure the safety of building occupants.

Whether it's achieving precise control in HVAC systems or ensuring rapid response in fire and smoke protection applications, our damper actuators are trusted for their reliability, performance, and ease of installation.

AHU Controls

Honeywell's Air Handling Unit (AHU) Controls offer optimized performance and flexible control solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern building environments. Our comprehensive range of technically-advanced valves, actuators, and controllers is designed to enhance energy efficiency, ensuring cost-effective operation while creating safe and comfortable indoor environments conducive to maximum user productivity.

Our AHU Controls are engineered to deliver consistent HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) control, providing precise regulation of airflow, temperature, and humidity levels throughout facilities. By leveraging innovative technologies and intelligent design, our products promote energy-efficient operation, helping to reduce utility costs and environmental impact.

With a family of actuators, valves, and controllers, our AHU Controls offer flexible solutions for a wide range of applications, from small commercial buildings to large industrial facilities. Whether it's optimizing airflow distribution, ensuring thermal comfort, or enhancing indoor air quality, Honeywell's AHU Controls provide reliable performance and seamless integration with existing HVAC systems.

From energy-efficient facilities that prioritize sustainability to spaces that prioritize user comfort and safety, Honeywell's AHU Controls offer versatile solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern buildings, ensuring optimal performance and occupant satisfaction.


Honeywell's sensors offer reliable, stable, and efficient building control solutions, ensuring optimal environmental conditions for enhanced comfort and safety. Our comprehensive range of sensors includes temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and pressure sensors, designed to accurately measure key parameters and facilitate precise climate control in indoor spaces.

These sensors can be duct-mounted or wall-mounted, providing flexibility in installation to suit various building configurations and applications. With excellent linearity, long-term stability, and reliability, Honeywell's sensors deliver accurate and consistent performance, ensuring confidence in building automation and control systems.

Our product offerings encompass a wide range of sensors, including temperature-only sensors, humidity and temperature transducers, pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, static pressure transmitters, CO2 sensors, CO sensors, and water flow switches. Each sensor is engineered to meet stringent quality standards and deliver on-demand reliability for temperature, CO2, humidity, and pressure control applications.

Whether it's maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels for occupant comfort or monitoring air quality for safety and health, Honeywell's sensors provide world-class performance and reliability. With our advanced sensor technologies, building owners and facility managers can achieve efficient and effective control of indoor environments, ensuring comfort, productivity, and well-being for occupants.

Variable Frequency Drives

Honeywell's HONVFD series of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are engineered with unbeatable features to provide customers with a smart and energy-efficient solution for HVAC control. These VFDs incorporate independent air duct design, optimized Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) algorithm, built-in EMC (Category C3) filter, and high-speed accuracy, ensuring stable and reliable operations.

The HONVFD series offers high overload capability, support for IO expansion, and utilizes a bigger air volume and long-life cooling fan for enhanced performance and longevity. With step-less speed control, these VFDs provide advanced features for consistent operations and energy-efficient control of HVAC applications.

Featuring Vector control of induction motors, user-friendly programming, and backstage monitoring software, the HONVFD series delivers high performance and versatility for a wide range of HVAC applications including fans, pumps, and compressors. Additionally, these VFDs are equipped with auto-tuning features to optimize drive parameters for efficient operation and an option of AC choke for mitigating line harmonics.

Overall, Honeywell's HONVFD series of Variable Frequency Drives combine advanced features, robust design, and precise control to provide customers with a reliable and efficient solution for HVAC control in various industrial and commercial settings.


The Honeywell WTS Touch Thermostats offer real-time control, providing businesses with the ultimate competitive edge by empowering guests to manage comfort settings in each room. By placing control in the hands of guests, these thermostats enable businesses to optimize costs and energy consumption while enhancing the overall guest experience, making their property a preferred destination.

With intuitive touch interfaces and user-friendly controls, the WTS Touch Thermostats allow guests to easily adjust temperature settings to their preferences, ensuring personalized comfort throughout their stay. This level of control not only enhances guest satisfaction but also promotes a sense of autonomy and empowerment, leading to positive reviews and repeat business.

Furthermore, the WTS Touch Thermostats provide businesses with valuable insights into guest behavior and preferences, allowing for more informed decision-making and targeted operational improvements. By leveraging real-time data and analytics, businesses can optimize HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) settings, identify energy-saving opportunities, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Overall, the Honeywell WTS Touch Thermostats offer businesses a powerful tool for unlocking untapped potential within their operations, enabling them to deliver exceptional guest experiences while achieving cost savings and energy efficiency goals.

Testing Equipment

Pressure gauges for industrial use provide critical measurements of fluid pressure in various processes and equipment. These gauges are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide accurate readings to ensure optimal performance and safety. With durable construction and reliable mechanisms, industrial pressure gauges play a vital role in monitoring and controlling pressure levels in manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical processing, and other industrial applications. They help operators maintain operational efficiency, prevent equipment damage, and ensure compliance with safety standards, making them indispensable tools in industrial settings.

Industrial thermometers like Vapor Pressure Thermometers are specialized instruments used to measure the vapor pressure of liquids in industrial processes. These thermometers rely on the principle that the vapor pressure of a liquid is directly related to its temperature. By accurately measuring vapor pressure, these thermometers provide valuable insights into the conditions within industrial systems such as distillation columns, chemical reactors, and vapor compression systems. With their precise measurements and robust construction, vapor pressure thermometers play a crucial role in ensuring optimal process control, product quality, and safety in a wide range of industrial applications.