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Prince Pipes Explore the innovative world of Prince Pipes, a leading manufacturer in the PVC and CPVC pipe sector. Understand how they're transforming plumbing, irrigation, and sewerage technologies to meet the growing demands of India. Mahesh Trading Corporation Prince Pipes Mahesh Trading Corporation Prince Pipes


Established in 1987, Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd. has emerged as a front-runner in the PVC and CPVC pipe manufacturing industry in India. With a commitment to constant innovation in plumbing, irrigation, and sewerage technologies, Prince Pipes is meeting the nation’s ever-increasing water demands. This blog post explores the company’s journey, product range, and how it’s shaping the future of plumbing and irrigation systems.

The Journey of Prince Pipes

Prince Pipes began its journey with a focus on replacing older technologies with modern polymer solutions. Starting as a family business manufacturing plastic kitchen wares, they transitioned to PVC manufacturing in 1987. Today, Prince Pipes is recognized for its wide range of products and has established itself as a key player in the piping solutions market.

Product Range and Innovations

Prince Pipes offers an extensive range of products, including:

  1. EasyFit UPVC: A lead-free system designed for potable water distribution.
  2. EasyFit RE: Designed to divert wastewater from various domestic sources.
  3. Greenfit and GreenFit Blue: Superior solutions for plumbing and industrial systems.
  4. SilentFit: A premium, low-noise drainage system.
  5. Ultrafit: Leak-proof sewage system for seepage-proof structures.
  6. Rainfit: Efficient rainwater collection and conveyance system.
  7. Foamfit and Drainfit: Lightweight solutions for long-lasting underground drainage applications.
  8. Corfit: A revolutionary system for cleaner underground drainage.
  9. Durafit: Lightweight yet superior manhole and chamber covers.
  10. Aquafit and Safefit: Solutions for agriculture and borewell systems.
  11. PEFit Aqua: Polyethylene-based materials for water piping.
  12. Storefit: High-quality water storage tanks.
  13. Cablefit: Durable cable ducting pipes.

These products represent Prince Pipes’ dedication to innovation and quality in the piping industry.

Why Choose Prince Pipes

Technical Collaborations and Market Leadership

Prince Pipes has collaborated with global leaders like Tooling Holland for mould manufacturing and the U.S.-based Lubrizol for CPVC compounds. This approach has positioned Prince Pipes as a leader in the market, with a wide range of over 7,500 products.

Sustainable and Future-Oriented Approaches

Understanding the critical role of water in India, Prince Pipes is not just a manufacturer but a solutions provider. Their products cater to a wide spectrum of needs, from household plumbing to large-scale irrigation projects. With an eye on the future, they focus on sustainable and efficient water management solutions.

The Impact of Government Initiatives

Prince Pipes’ growth is significantly influenced by government initiatives like Swachh Bharat Mission, Amrut Mission, and Smart City Mission. These programs, aimed at improving sanitation and infrastructure across India, have boosted the demand for quality piping solutions, positioning Prince Pipes at the forefront of this growth.


Prince Pipes stands as a testament to innovation, quality, and sustainability in the plumbing and irrigation industry. With its diverse range of products and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the market, Prince Pipes is not just a company but a vital contributor to India’s infrastructure development. Whether it’s a household needing reliable plumbing or a large-scale agricultural project, Prince Pipes has the solution.

Explore more about Prince Pipes and their range of innovative solutions at www.princepipes.com.

We are Always Ready to Assist Our Clients

  1. What sets Prince Pipes apart in the piping industry? Prince Pipes excels in innovation, product range, and technical collaborations, making them a leader in the plumbing and irrigation industry.

  2. How do Prince Pipes contribute to sustainable water management? Their products are designed for efficiency and sustainability, addressing India’s growing water management needs.

  3. What kind of products does Prince Pipes offer? They offer a wide range of products including UPVC, CPVC pipes, water storage systems, drainage solutions, and more.

  4. Are Prince Pipes products available across India? Yes, with a vast distribution network, their products are accessible across the country.

  5. How do government initiatives impact Prince Pipes? Government initiatives for sanitation and infrastructure development have increased the demand for their products, contributing to their growth.

Prince Pipes MTC Mahesh Trading Corporation Prince Pipes MTC Mahesh Trading Corporation Prince Pipes MTC

For cutting-edge piping solutions that blend innovation with sustainability, visit Prince Pipes at www.princepipes.com. Discover a product range designed to meet all your plumbing and irrigation needs.