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Kranti Water Meters

Kranti Water Meters, the leading manufacturer of high-precision water meters designed for efficient water management and conservation in India and beyond.

Why Choose Honeywell

Kranti Water Meters, a brand synonymous with trust and precision in water measurement, has been serving the needs of millions across India since 1980. With a rich history and a commitment to quality, Kranti has become the go-to manufacturer for water meters that cater to both domestic and industrial requirements.

The Legacy of Kranti Water Meters

Kranti began its journey with a mission to deliver excellence in quality. With the first government contract from BMC for water meters in 1985, the company’s growth trajectory was set. By 1989, their production capacity had increased to 50,000 water meters per annum, showcasing a dedication to meeting the country’s growing demand for reliable water measurement.

Product Range and Excellence

Kranti’s product range includes:

  1. Domestic Water Meters: Precision-engineered for household use, ensuring fair billing and water conservation.
  2. Industrial Water Meters: Robust meters designed for the heavy-duty requirements of industries.
  3. K Flow Woltmann Type Water Meter: Ideal for high flow rates in commercial and industrial settings.
  4. Besto Series Water Meters: A perfect amalgamation of accuracy and durability.
  5. Class-A & Class-B Water Meters: Designed to meet international quality standards for various applications.

Additionally, Kranti manufactures a wide array of industrial valves, including cast iron and steel valves, ball valves, check valves, air valves, and strainers, each designed with precision to ensure flawless operation.

Quality Control and Certifications

Kranti Water Meters operates with an ISO-9001:2000 & ISO-14001:2004 certified Quality Management system. Their products are approved under IS:779/1994 standards, assuring customers of their commitment to providing high-quality, reliable meters. Each meter undergoes rigorous testing at all stages of production, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions for Water Management

At Kranti, innovation is at the forefront. Understanding the critical role of accurate water measurement in conservation, they continuously update their technology and processes. This dedication has made Kranti the only Indian water meter manufacturer to successfully execute supply and installation of water meters under ADB funding.

We are Always Ready to Assist Our Clients

Kranti Water Meters stands as a testament to quality, innovation, and dedication to efficient water management. From fulfilling domestic needs to serving large-scale industrial requirements, Kranti’s water meters are a crucial tool in the quest for water conservation. Discover their wide range of products and how they can serve your water measurement needs at www.krantimeters.com.


  1. What sets Kranti Water Meters apart in the industry? Kranti Water Meters is known for its precise engineering, quality control, and wide product range that cater to both domestic and industrial needs.

  2. How do Kranti Water Meters contribute to water conservation? With accurate measurement and robust performance, Kranti Water Meters ensure fair usage billing and help in identifying leaks, thus promoting water conservation.

  3. Are Kranti Water Meters certified for quality? Yes, Kranti Water Meters are ISO certified and adhere to IS:779/1994 standards, ensuring quality and reliability.

  4. What types of water meters does Kranti manufacture? Kranti produces a variety of water meters including domestic, industrial, Woltmann type, and Besto series meters.

  5. How does Kranti ensure the precision of its water meters? Kranti employs state-of-the-art technology and rigorous testing at various production stages to guarantee the precision of their water meters.