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HGuru Industries

H.Guru Industries, the leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature measuring instruments, embracing innovation and precision since 1964.

Why Choose HGuru

HGuru Industries, established in 1964 by the visionary scientist Mr. Guru Das Hazra, has been setting benchmarks in the field of pressure and temperature measurement. With a comprehensive range of quality measuring instruments, H.Guru has become a prominent name in the industry, catering to diverse applications with its innovative products.

The Heritage of HGuru Industries

From its inception, HGuru Industries has been driven by a passion for challenges and a spirit of enterprise. With manufacturing divisions in Kolkata, Gujarat, and Bihar, the company has made its presence felt all over India. Emphasizing complete customer satisfaction, H.Guru Industries operates with a 3-sigma quality process and maintains world-class product standards, ensuring each gauge meets the IS 3624/EN-837 standard.

Innovative Product Range

H.Guru’s extensive product range includes but is not limited to:

  1. Industrial Pressure Gauges: Catering to various industry needs with bourdon type, capsule type, sealed diaphragm, and differential type pressure gauges.
  2. Digital Pressure Gauges: For precise digital readings and enhanced accuracy in pressure measurement.
  3. Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauges: Designed to absorb vibration and pressure spikes for use in dynamic environments.
  4. Weatherproof Gauges: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions without compromising on accuracy.
  5. Master/Test Gauges: For calibration and high precision requirements in testing facilities.
  6. Mercury and Bi-metal Temperature Gauges: Reliable solutions for temperature measurement across industries.

Quality and Excellence

Quality is not just a benchmark at HGuru Industries; it is the foundation of their manufacturing process. The company prides itself on providing products that guarantee complete customer satisfaction, achieved through rigorous quality control tests and adherence to stringent international standards.

Value-Added Services

Understanding the needs of its global clientele, H.Guru Industries offers international standard packaging tailored to client requirements. Their ISO 9001:2015 certification is a testament to their professional excellence and technical competence.

A Commitment to Precision

Behind the success of H.Guru Industries is a board of dedicated members, including Mr. G. Hazra (M.D. & Proprietor) and Mr. G. D. Hazra (E.D. & C.E.O.), whose leadership has driven the company forward. Their commitment to maintaining the highest quality and on-time deliveries has earned H.Guru Industries a formidable reputation in the industry.

We are Always Ready to Assist Our Clients

H.Guru Industries exemplifies the pinnacle of precision in pressure and temperature measurement. With a history of innovation, a dedicated team, and a commitment to quality, H.Guru stands out as a manufacturer of choice for those who seek reliability and accuracy in industrial gauges and thermometers. Visit H.Guru Industries for more information on how they can meet your measurement needs.


  1. What sets H.Guru Industries apart in the measurement industry? H.Guru Industries stands apart for its pioneering status, extensive product range, and unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  2. Are H.Guru Industries products suitable for all industrial applications? Yes, H.Guru Industries manufactures a broad range of instruments suitable for gauging pressure and temperature across various industrial applications.

  3. How does H.Guru Industries ensure product quality? With an ISO 9001:2015 certification and adherence to the IS 3624/EN-837 standard, H.Guru Industries guarantees world-class quality through meticulous testing and quality audits.

  4. Can H.Guru Industries provide custom solutions? H.Guru Industries offers value-added services, including customized packaging and product solutions tailored to meet client-specific requirements.

  5. What kind of after-sales support does H.Guru Industries offer? H.Guru Industries provides comprehensive after-sales support, including installation training and operational guidance to ensure customer satisfaction.