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Prince Pipes

Prince Pipes and Fittings Limited (PPFL) stands as a leading force in India's PVC pipe manufacturing sector and multi-polymer processing industry. Established in 1987, it has earned acclaim as a top-tier brand in PVC pipes, honored with the prestigious Brand of the Year - Pipes Award at the INEX Realty+ Awards 2021.

Prince Pipes stands out as India's premier PVC pipe company, renowned for its top-tier plumbing, sewerage, and drainage systems catering to both residential and commercial needs. Additionally, it offers CPVC piping solutions for industrial and infrastructure projects, including borewell and agriculture applications. Through global partnerships with Lubrizol and Tooling Holland BV, the company ensures cutting-edge technology and operational efficiency. Their introduction of Prince Storefit Water Tanks in June 2020 addresses critical water storage needs amid rising concerns over water scarcity and hygiene. With a focus on quality and innovation, Prince Pipes continues to lead the market in providing trusted solutions for India's evolving water challenges.

In December 2021, Prince Pipes marked its entry into the esteemed Fortune India 500 list. Simultaneously, the Jaipur manufacturing facility of the company achieved a significant milestone by securing a GOLD medal at the 8th National Awards for Manufacturing Competitiveness (NAMC) 2021. This distinguished recognition, conferred by the International Research Institute for Manufacturing in collaboration with Moneycontrol, highlights the exceptional performance of the facility across key dimensions including Leadership, Expertise, Quality, and Excellence. The NAMC program is designed to acknowledge and celebrate manufacturing entities that have set themselves apart through the implementation of robust competitive strategies and unwavering commitment to growth plans geared towards attaining global eminence.

Prince Pipes takes great pride in spearheading a pivotal transformation aimed at tackling the rapidly surging water demands in India. The company's operations encompass a wide spectrum, including plumbing systems, borewells, agricultural pipes, water storage tanks, industrial piping, electrical conduit pipes, sewage products, and underground drainage solutions. Operating at the forefront of innovation, Prince Pipes and Fittings Limited manages seven state-of-the-art manufacturing units situated in Haridwar (Uttarakhand), Athal (Dadra and Nagar Haveli), Dadra (Dadra and Nagar Haveli), Kolhapur (Maharashtra), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Jobner (Rajasthan), and Sangareddy (Telangana).

Prince Pipes

Castle Valves

Castle Valves, the top-tier manufacturer of industrial valves, known for its Butterfly Valves, Balancing Valves, and a wide array of other precision-engineered valve products for effective flow control.

SANT Valves

Founding Visionaries

  • Late Thakur Ganpat Rai, along with co-founders Late Birbal Dass & Late Krishan Lal Sikka, laid the foundation of the 'SANT GROUP' in 1953.
  • Their vision for quality products, efficiency, and customer satisfaction has shaped the group's success.

Evolution of 'SANT GROUP'

  • Initially manufacturing industrial valves under the brand name 'SANT', which became synonymous with quality across India.
  • Expanded into manufacturing GI fittings, Carbon Steel fittings, Forged fittings, and distribution of Composite Pipes.
  • Established a 100% export unit of hand tools and power tools.


  • Currently led by Sh. Rup Singh Dhumal, Managing Director of 'SANT VALVES'.
  • 'SANT' valves adhere to national and international standards, serving various industries for over 6 decades.

Commitment to Quality

  • Actively involved in formulating national Quality Standards.
  • Rigorous quality maintenance program from raw material procurement to final product delivery.
  • Highly qualified technical staff ensures adherence to quality standards at every stage.

Comprehensive Testing

  • Chemical & Physical testing of raw materials and Castings/Forgings in a well-equipped laboratory.
  • Inspection of vendor capabilities and incoming consumables.
  • In-process inspections, pre-assembly, and post-assembly inspections ensure product integrity.

Continuous Improvement

  • Investments in advanced technology and ERP systems for enhanced efficiency.
  • Third-party inspections and maintenance of quality control records.
  • Ongoing training ensures staff competence and alignment with best practices.

Commitment to Community

  • Sharing success with workforce and community.
  • Fulfilling corporate social responsibility with dedication.
  • Constant endeavor to exceed minimum quality standards with support from clients and end-users.

H.Guru Industries

H.Guru Industries, established in 1964 by the visionary scientist Mr. Guru Das Hazra, has been setting benchmarks in the field of pressure and temperature measurement. With a comprehensive range of quality measuring instruments, H.Guru has become a prominent name in the industry, catering to diverse applications with its innovative products. This blog post will explore the company’s history, product offerings, and commitment to quality that positions H.Guru Industries as a leading manufacturer and supplier in this specialized field.

REX Steam Products Pvt. Ltd

REX Steam Products Pvt. Ltd., a stalwart in providing superior thermal solutions like Steam Traps, Rotary Joints, and Rotary Unions, crafted for unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Established in 1974 by a visionary technocrat, REX Steam Products Pvt. Ltd. has been at the vanguard of thermal solution providers. With a rich heritage of reliability and a relentless pursuit of quality, REX has carved a niche in the industry, offering a vast range of products designed for efficiency and performance. This blog post will delve into REX's commitment to excellence and its array of products that stand as testaments to its expertise.

A Tradition of Excellence

For nearly five decades, REX has been synonymous with high-quality thermal management products. Their journey began with a focus on steam engineering and has since expanded into a comprehensive suite of products that serve various industrial needs.

Rex Valves Logo

Pennant Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Pennant Engineering Pvt. Ltd. specializes in manufacturing steam traps, valves, and providing engineered steam solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses. With a focus on energy conservation and efficient steam systems, Pennant’s products play a pivotal role in reducing environmental impact by minimizing steam loss and enhancing system efficiency.

WJ Neta Valves

Since its inception in 1955, WJ Neta Metal Works (Regd.) has been a beacon of excellence in the valve manufacturing industry. Known for their 'WJ NETA' brand of ISI, IBR, and CE Certified Valves, Cocks & Boiler Mountings, WJ Neta Valves has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and integrity. This blog post will delve into the expansive product line and the quality commitment that WJ Neta Valves upholds.

Crafting Excellence Since 1955

WJ Neta Valves began with a vision to create the best valves technology could offer. Over the past six decades, their dedication to developing the valve industry has made them a reliable market leader. Each year is a testament to their rich history and expertise in delivering top-quality valves.

Intervalve | EL-O-Matic by Poonawalla Group

Intervalve Poonawalla Ltd., part of the esteemed Poonawalla Group, stands as a towering figure in the valve manufacturing industry. Known for its high-quality butterfly, check, globe, gate, and ball valves, Intervalve is dedicated to engineering excellence and innovation.

Elomatic, a key part of the Poonawalla Group, stands as a testament to engineering excellence in the manufacturing of pneumatic and electric actuators. Recognized for their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to quality, Elomatic has established itself as a leader in actuation technology in India. T

Hb Group

HB Group, based in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, has emerged as a leader in the manufacturing of pipe and bath fittings. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, HB Group offers a wide range of products, including HB Pipe Fittings, NB Pipe Fittings, and NB Bath Fittings, along with a variety of casting components

Quality and Innovation

Quality is at the heart of HB Group's manufacturing process. With a commitment to using only the best materials and employing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, HB Group ensures that every product meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

HB Group Logo

Normex Valves

Established in 1987, Normex Valves Pvt. Ltd. (NVPL) has positioned itself as a pioneer in the industrial valves sector, offering new-generation solutions in fluid control. Located in Bhosari, Pune, one of India’s largest industrial estates, NVPL combines expert valve design, engineering, and quality assurance to deliver exceptional products.

Leader Valves Limited

Leader Valves Limited, established in 1950, has earned a reputation as a top-tier valve manufacturer, offering an extensive array of products for diverse industrial applications. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Leader Valves has become a preferred choice for valves worldwide.

A Legacy of Valve Manufacturing

Leader Valves Limited began its operations at a pivotal time when India was embracing industrialization. The company quickly set itself apart by producing a large variety of valves under one roof. Over the years, Leader Valves has expanded its offerings to cater to a broad range of industries, including Plumbing, HVAC, Fire-Fighting, Power, Oil & Gas, Steel & Mining, Boilers, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals & Fertilizers, LNG, Cryogenic, and Marine applications.

Leader Valves Logo

Zoloto Valves

Zoloto Valves, with a longstanding reputation in the valve manufacturing industry, offers an extensive array of valves catering to various industrial and commercial needs. Established with the goal of providing high-quality, durable, and reliable valve solutions, Zoloto has emerged as a trusted name for a wide range of valve types, including globe valves, gate valves, ball valves, check valves, and others.

Lehry Instrumentation and Valves Pvt. Ltd

Lehry Instrumentation and Valves Pvt. Ltd., with over 70 years of experience in the valve industry, has established itself as a significant player in manufacturing and exporting valves and other instruments. Renowned for its technical expertise and quality products, Lehry Valves caters to a broad spectrum of industries, including food production, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aeronautical, and many more.

Commitment to Green Manufacturing

Lehry Valves emphasizes the production of green and sustainable valves. Their commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in their manufacturing processes, which aim to minimize ecological impact while maintaining product quality and efficiency.

Lehry Valves Logo


Honeywell, a globally recognized leader in building management solutions, offers a wide range of valves that play a critical role in the efficient and safe operation of HVAC systems. With a focus on reliability, precision, and innovation, Honeywell’s valves cater to diverse needs in various building environments.

Honeywell’s innovative range of valves for building management, including ball, butterfly, globe, and pressure control valves, designed to optimize the efficiency and safety of HVAC systems.